Market Analysis & Strategic Planning

Much like a Road Rally driver, Strategic Planning and Marketing Analysis defines the route a company needs to trek in order to reach their desired destination. No rally would be complete without obstacles and detours, the same with the marketing world. Being nimble and able to adjust plans on the fly is essential for a marketing company.

Knorr Marketing operates with the purpose of bringing life to the mission, goals, and overall vision of our clients. Strategic planning is the foundation we begin with and continue to build on to build our client’s success.

Each company must go through what we call our “MARCOM” process before becoming a full service client. During this process we develop, research, and follow a broad range of areas, building and individualizing a roadmap to success for our clients.


Market Research

Knorr Marketing provides in-depth research of current customer characteristics, demographic and geographic data. In addition, we utilize our proprietary analytics system in order to identify the most effective and efficient strategies to reach current and potential customers to maximize client’s return on investment. Specializing in the Home Furnishings Market, our industry experts offer an intimate understanding of your brands, consumers, and market. Whether assessing market potential and interpreting market trends, developing and building brands, helping clients build long-term relationships with customers, testing advertising and audience response to media, or measuring public opinion, Knorr is committed to working with clients to identify the right solutions for their specific challenges.


Data Mining

We analyze your data to develop new ways to reach new customers and target those with high purchase intent.