About Us

Over 30-Years of Building Brands, Building Trust, and Building Business!

Knorr Marketing is a fully integrated, vertical marketing agency, and the North American leader in marketing Home Furnishing Retailers. Knorr Marketing’s goals have always been aligned with yours: to engage with customers in relevant and meaningful ways that result in superior experiences, increased brand awareness, and measurable return on marketing investments.

Our strategic marketing expertise and use of technology elevates our ability to effectively grow your brand. Our team has a proven record of accomplishment in delivering new customers, building a stronger brand position, and driving more traffic consistently to our clients.

From a project to a fully integrated marketing program, Knorr Marketing is the perfect home furnishing retailer’s resource!

Knorr Marketing History Timeline

Knorr Marketing founded

Doug Knorr founded Knorr Marketing after many years in the broadcast industry

Business began to boom


Business began to boom and Knorr Marketing quickly hired a Media Director, an Artist, and a Business Manager.

Knorr Marketing moved to Old City Hall building


Moved to newly renovated offices in the historic Old City Hall building in Downtown Traverse City.

Knorr Marketing’s niche continued to grow


Knorr Marketing’s niche in the Retail Home Furnishings industry continued to grow nationally.

Knorr Interactive was established


Knorr Interactive is established offering solutions ranging from e-commerce to interactive multimedia – both online and offline; helping companies use technology to meet their business needs.

Real Tour Vision was established


Real Tour Vision is established providing 360 degree imagining and Virtual Tours of store locations and property management.

Knorr Interactive included in Knorr Marketing umbrella


Knorr Interactive moved under the Knorr Marketing umbrella to offer a more complete range of marketing services.

20th Anniversary


20th Anniversary was celebrated

Knorr Marketing established a digital marketing team


Knorr Marketing established a digital marketing team in order to unify traditional, digital, and social media marketing on one platform to improve our clients’ return on investment.

Knorr Marketing grew to nearly 50 employees


Knorr Marketing has a team consisting of nearly 50 employees as we continue to make history in the Home Furnishings Sector.

Knorr Marketing moved to Logan Place West


Knorr Marketing moved to a new location with more space to accommodate the increasing demand for digital and traditional marketing services.